Well, here goes.

I've got the space, the equipment, supplies, now I just need customers. Lots of lovely people, just like you :) As soon as I add this to my blog, the intention is to be open for business - LAUNCHED so to speak. All is up and running and I am terrified to take the next step - nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

My first scheduled class is for December 16th but I am a little worried that the painting might not bring customers. I have a back up plan though. I am about to add five more classes and dates. Combine all of this if the class is full, with the chance to win a free session, shoiuld hopefully bring folks in. I may even look at giveaways via a raffle type system for full class participants. I have started thinking about group sessions and even corporate events.

Please check out some of the sessions available, I would love to spend some creative time with you. Drop me a line, book a class or check back in soon.


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