Following up on my first class...

The day started a little after 5am when I reached for my mobile to find out who was messaging. I was awake but my hand wasn’t and whack! I dropped the phone straight onto my lip. I thought this was something that happened to teenagers, not 50 somethings. 

So now, wide awake, I checked my lip in the mirror. It was quite swollen already. I showered, dressed and left for an early start.

I stopped at my favourite IGA store on Second Ave and bought a few nibbly treats for my guests then headed in to open and set up for the class.

On arrival, I checked the lip again and put ice on it.

A couple of hours later and here they were.

Name tags and aprons on and we were ready to get going. 2 hours later, we were taking photos of our finished artworks. All different, all beautiful. The best part of the day aside from meeting everyone was the very kind feedback given about the event. 

Thank you all so much for coming today. You made my heart so full. I hope I get to see your beautiful work on your walls and your lovely faces at another event very soon.

From the bottom of my heart- thank you all!

💜 Paula

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