Covid has been awful to small businesses everywhere

Wow! 2 years ago, nobody could have predicted what was going to happen. A rollercoaster ride, filled mainly with downs.

Although myself and my family have very fortunately managed to dodge the virus, it has played havoc with my paint classes. Unable to host at school and with gathering restrictions I was unwillingly forced to take a hiatus until now. Although unable to host classes, I have continued an almost daily regime of watching, learning about, practising or discussing art, in all forms and with several mediums. My most recent works have been watercolour based, and they have allowed me to develop new skills and techniques, which I have enjoyed immensely. Oh, the school also let me paint in a wall of the building with a group of 8 year old students.

The delightful pegdolls of Dalai Lama, David Bowie and Desmond Tutu were designed and painted by my friend, Chani Crow of @mamalovepegdolls

Check out her work here

My beautiful niece has regular get togethers with her friends, and they wanted to do something a little different, so she called me. Very happy to say that the booking is confirmed, and tomorrow is looking like a ton of sweet fun.

Not sure I will be able to sleep tonight, but check back in tomorrow evening for all of the photos and feedback.

I am so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and preparing some awesome sessions.

Happy arting,